How to Distinguish The Hardness Of Liquid Silicone

- Dec 18, 2020-

The softness of silicone products can be different depending on the process. If it is a liquid silicone process, low-degree silicone products can be made, such as 0 to 20 degrees, even if it is held on the hand, it is very sticky. Yes, this type of silicone products are generally rare, and it is particularly expensive to develop a set of liquid silicone molds, usually tens of thousands of pieces. The liquid process is more about 10 to 20 degrees. For some miscellaneous silicone products, the silicone products made by the liquid process are not easy to disassemble because of the material. This leads to a problem that the product burrs are not Smooth, with burrs in appearance. Therefore, the liquid process is suitable for low-degree silicone products, and does not require strict self-disassembly.

The hardness of silicone rubber can probably be seen.

If there is a model, although the naming rules between manufacturers are different, there are still rules. For example, Bluestar, 9000 series, there are 9050, 9060, 9070, etc. Obviously the third and fourth place is hardness.

Everyone knows that silicone material has good tensile strength, and the index of tensile strength depends on the hardness of the product. Generally, the hardness of silicone rubber product manufacturers is about 20-80 degrees, and the lower the hardness of the product The tensile strength is better, generally it can reach about 300% normally, and the lowest is about 20%, but it still depends on the structure and shape of the silicone product.

Silicone material is indispensable. This is the tear strength. Silicone rubber materials will tear due to stress and other factors. This is one of the inevitable phenomena of all rubber materials. Cracks and cracks will cause damage due to force cracking. Occupy a minority, because the conventional hardness of silicone rubber is basically not torn and cracked, and the material with higher hardness is likely to cause tearing due to the spread of the crack!