How To Develop And Produce Silicone Adult Products

- Jul 04, 2019-


How to develop and produce silicone adult products, many people are very interested in this silicone adult product, I think everyone knows that it is a suitable daily necessities for modern young people. The sales and sales of this product have certain prospects in the market. Silicone products have emerged in recent years through environmentally friendly, non-toxic materials.

The main sales volume depends on online, such as some B2B, C2C platform is popular, but the important thing is that the design and development of sexual products is not so simple, many R&D design companies may invest hundreds of thousands of dollars for one product. And sex products can cost you millions of dollars, and the main reason, you know?

How to develop silicone adult products:

A new product goes through many steps from the beginning to the finished product, and the investment in silicone products is equal or even more.

First, the shape of the product can determine whether silicone products will be popular in the market. The silica gel material is the main body and requires the formation of various processes such as mold opening confirmation, sample confirmation, color, and raw materials. However, in addition to silica gel, the finished product requires a combination of different materials and processes to form, and other processes that require more investment are also the same. .

The cost of plastic parts is different from that of silica gel. The cost of a mold alone may be several times that of a mold, while the silicone of a sexual product pays more attention to the appearance and shape. What is more, how high precision it needs. In addition, the appearance of components and internal circuit parts, then these developments to the final success may also require a large amount of investment,

And if the online test does not work, it will return to the original origin. Changing the structure will cause all accessory sizes to change, and so on. In addition, there are different problems behind the processing of each process. For example, the appearance control may not meet the requirements of the silicone product manufacturer during the processing, and the plastic polishing is poor. After all this is done,

In the final step, the energy, effectiveness, and market response to advertising will be difficult to assess with consistent praise.