How to design and use silicone buttons?

- Jan 03, 2019-

Many custom silicone buttons have always been a big problem in the early design stage, especially for some customers who have just started designing silicone button drawings. As a silicone processing factory that provides engineering support for customers in the early stage of design, there are often customers. Ask us about these technical problems, how the design of the silicone button feels just right, has always been a topic of no solution. Today, Xiaobian will tell you how to design a silicone button to get a better effect.

The effect of the silicone button pressing effect is directly related to the 3D drawing design of the product. The design of the elastic wall needs to be tested repeatedly in order to achieve a good effect. Not only that, the saying goes: "The knife is not mistakenly cut. "The quality of the mold material also has an effect on the pressing effect. This

It is also why so many customers are looking farther and spend a few times more than the local price to find the reason for our mold production. Low-cost molds are generally copper molds or poorly-formed steel. And we are using the P20 steel to open the mold.