How To Choose Silicone Gloves

- Jul 06, 2019-


Silicone gloves, is applied to the family of insulation has a good effect to the skin, effectively prevent finger is hurt, still can brush, as clean gloves, green environmental protection, mainly to the high and low temperature resistance, wear resistance, resistance to water vapor, the quality is superior, high softness, excellent prices, now widely used in the middle of the life.



There are many kinds of silicone gloves.It includes acid and alkali resistant gloves, electrical insulation gloves, radiation gloves, medical gloves and so on according to its application. You have to choose the silicone gloves that suit you according to the environment you work in and the chemicals you use.

First, natural latex gloves.In general, natural latex for aqueous solutions, such as acid, alkali water solution has a better protective effect.Its advantages are comfortable, elastic and flexible.

Secondly,Nitrile has a good protective effect against oils, lipids, petrochemicals, lubricants and various solvents.But in some solvent ,it will occur swelling and affect its physical properties, reduce the protective function.

Thirdly, polyvinyl chloride has an effect on a large number of water-soluble chemical substances, such as acid, alkali ,but it can not protect organic substances such as solvents, because many solvents will make plasticizer dissolution among them, not only pollution, but also greatly reduce the barrier function of gloves.

Fourth, neoprene and silicone gloves’ comfort is the same.For petrochemical products, lubricants have a good protective effect, it can fight ozone and ultraviolet’s radiation, but it also has a strong anti-aging property.


Fifth, polyvinyl alcohol has a good protective effect on most organic solvents, but it is easily solubled in water, which will reduce its efficacy after infused water. Moreover, it is hard in material and inconvenient in processing.