How To Choose Silicone Gifts?

- Sep 19, 2019-


       The development of silica gel has promoted the spread and development of silicone gifts. Nowadays, gifts made of silicone materials can be seen everywhere in the market. Because of the popularity of safety, hygiene and environmental protection, there is a comparative feature that is cheap, but there is another advantage: ordering The amount is not so high, the price is still so cheap, compared with plastic, the same thing, do 100,000 pieces, plastic 5 cents, silicone can also do 5 hair, not 100,000 pieces, 10,000 pieces can be fixed And the price of 10,000 pieces of plastic may rise with the price, there is no competitive advantage, so one of the silicone gifts is cheap, and one is competitive.

       Our friends who often visit the exhibition know that they used to be a cheap thing like a ballpoint pen to get a scan code. Now many silicone chrysanthemum ballpoint pens have begun to appear in the scandals of major exhibitions. This is silicone. Competitive advantages, color changes, shape changes, MOQ changes, and more. Today, Xiaobian teaches you to pick silicone gifts. Silicone gifts must first have the following characteristics:


1. Flexibility


Elasticity is an important factor in judging the quality of silicone products. Everyone knows that silica gel products are made of silica gel raw materials, while silica gel is a highly active adsorbent material with excellent expansion. For users, elasticity is the primary consideration. of.


2, tear strength and tensile strength


The silicone product with high tear strength has outstanding anti-destructive ability and long life, and is not easily interfered by the external environment. The silicone product with poor tear strength is generally prone to crack during the tearing process, and thus rapidly expands cracking and causes damage. phenomenon.


3, wear resistance


Abrasion resistance generally shows whether the surface of a silicone product is susceptible to wear and tear. High-quality silicone products generally have little surface friction due to external factors, such as appearance, text, color, and the like.


4, hardness and tensile stress


The hardness and tensile stress of silicone products are important indicators of the rigidity (stiffness) of rubber materials, and the two are the forces required for the deformation of silicone products.


5, fatigue


Fatigue may be caused by many people who do not understand the fatigue of silicone products. When a silicone product is subjected to alternating stress (or strain), the phenomenon that the structure and properties of the material change is called fatigue. As the fatigue process progresses, the phenomenon that the silicone product is destroyed is called fatigue damage.


The above points mainly explain the physical properties of silicone products, because only the way to distinguish these points will not be fooled by some inferior manufacturers. After all, the world is cheaper and cheaper, but the quality and craftsmanship are not good. To a good guarantee.