How to Choose a Good Silicone Bottle

- Jul 03, 2019-


The bottle is one of the main products for the baby to get nutrition. Its quality is related to the baby's health, safe breastfeeding and emotional comfort. The mothers will choose carefully. This is the bottle of silicone material. Is it good for silicone bottles? Xiaobian Optimization says: Silicone itself is a kind of material that can breathe. Silicone bottle can keep the freshness of breast milk well and provide safer and more natural baby. The feeling of comfort has been the first choice for many hot moms in recent years and has become a new trend. Ruibo silicone bottle, with its exquisite craftsmanship and excellent quality, aims to bring a safer, softer, more natural and comfortable breastfeeding experience to your baby. The specially treated silicone bottle surface and the 360-degree spherical breast milk nipple reproduce the most similar shape to the real breast, reducing the baby's rejection and allowing the breast milk baby to adapt to the bottle faster.


Silicone bottle is not good. Silicone is a food grade silicone material. Silicone bottles are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. The nipples are made of silicone. If you want to use silicone bottles, you should choose a silicone bottle. You also know that there are too many bad businesses. , a handful of defective products to serve as a food-grade silicone bottle, it is not a pit person. Milk powder is fake, not to mention the bottle, or the traditional glass bottle, so how to choose a good silicone bottle should have the following characteristics or requirements: 1. No bisphenol A, protect the baby's health (in line with US FDA standards) From the perspective of baby's vision and touch, we have embodied a very humanized design concept. 2. Affordable (Why is it economical? Because the material of silica gel can be used for a long time, there is no need to change the bottle regularly.) The surface of the bottle is frosted. When the baby touches the bottle with a small hand, it is conducive to the baby's emotional stability. Help EQ development; unique valve single-guide vent, belly, milk, bloating and other discomfort; as a silicone bottle manufacturer, we do not comment on the quality of silicone bottles, but the healthy growth of the baby is our biggest power . 3. Convenient to carry You can customize the silicone bottle into a folding type. It is much more convenient when going out or traveling. 4. Of course, the most important thing is that it can be cleaned easily. The soft bottle can be cleaned without using a silicone bottle brush.

The silicone bottle has a characteristic, that is, it has adsorptivity and will absorb the taste of the outer bread. Our box is sealed, so the taste will be normal when it is opened. It will be fine for a while, of course, we also have a way. Quickly remove this taste, open the bottle and pour it into the milk and shake it vigorously. Leave it for a while and then pour it off and disinfect it with boiling water. Therefore, when we understand the characteristics and characteristics of the silicone bottle, we can clearly distinguish the good and bad of various silicone bottles, and create a healthy and warm growth environment for our baby.