How to check the expiration date of the silicone button

- Jan 05, 2019-

As an environmentally friendly material, silica gel has many high-quality properties such as high temperature resistance and aging resistance. At the same time, the lifespan of silicone products is usually longer, as is the case with silicone buttons. So how do you check the expiration date of the silicone button?

In general, the general manufacturer is equipped with a related test instrument, the life strike tester, which simulates a person weighing 0.5 kg to press the button. In this way, the life of the silicone button can be accurately tested. The number of times required for the button of the instrument is up to 2 million times. The specific service life of the button is determined according to the requirements of the customer, and can reach several hundred to several tens of millions.

What are the advantages of silicone buttons?

When it comes to silica gel, many people praise it because it is a non-toxic and harmless health material. Products made from silicone have a very wide range of uses and huge market impact. Many manufacturers have been studying it very much for a long time, and the silicone buttons produced have a good development market and are accepted and recognized by customers because the buttons made of silicone are manufactured through strict production processes and have many advantages. .

First of all, the emergence of silicone buttons is a very crucial step. The manufacturer is mainly molded, adding a vulcanizing agent while putting the silica gel into the mold, and forming a button with beautiful appearance and strong performance under high temperature.

Second, the various patterns on the surface of the silicone button are manufactured by the manufacturer according to the needs of the customer, so they have great advantages.

Third, this is the external color of the silicone button. This step is also a step to attract customers' attention. Its manufacturers also spent a lot of effort in this step, requiring employees to continuously improve the color of the button surface when spraying color oil, matte and PU. Only products that meet the production standards can enter the processing activities of the next process, which fundamentally guarantees the quality of the products.

Finally, screen printing and dispensing of silicone button surface characters are key steps in the key role. Therefore, our manufacturers are very concerned about this step of the silicone button. Therefore, they arranged professionals to supervise the quality.