How To Avoid The Decline In The Life Of Silicone Wearable Jewelry?

- Nov 11, 2019-


        Most rubber and plastic materials will have aging deformation phenomenon. The aging of silicone products will be more common with the precipitation of time and the environment. Silicone wear jewelry is mostly decorated for appearance. The effects and long-term tortuosity and wear-induced effects lead to stickiness, softness, and appearance deformation, obvious hardening and the like, and the life is reduced. Cracking and damage occurs soon after use. Is this problem an aging phenomenon?

       Under normal circumstances, silicone products are rarely aging. Generally, the aging of silicone rubber materials is mainly determined by the function of the products and the way they are used. For example, silicone oil seals and silicone cushions are included. Normal use of aging, this can not be avoided, because the long-term impact of the impact will naturally form an aging cycle, and the phenomenon of the silicone bracelet bracelet is a bit unreasonable, which is another?

       If the silicone jewelry is in the normal use process, the environmental impact is on the one hand, the silicone product is usually subject to oxidation, heat, strength, liquid and other aspects will have a certain impact on the aging life, after researching the surface of these aspects of silicone rubber The effects of product aging are as follows:

       Oxidation: In the ozone, the silica gel product changes with time, resulting in a large destructive property of the material. The silicone molecular chain compound is different, which causes the performance of the silicone rubber product to change or decrease, and the low efficiency changes the material properties of the silicone jewelry. I found that your silicone strap may deform slowly every day, and the rebound is slow!

        Photothermal: The effect of light and heat is mainly due to the appearance. Long-term exposure to ultraviolet light and light source may cause swelling of silicon atoms and discoloration of the surface, but there is no change in exposure to light and heat in a short period of time.

       Strength: The impact of the force is more serious. The product is stretched and extruded for a long time. The molecular chain of silicon in the material is destroyed and cannot be recovered. After long-term stretching, there is no resilience, and the pulling force is reduced or even broken.

      Liquid oil: Silica gel is a high-adsorption material that is insoluble in water and any liquid, but in the long-term contact with water, water molecules will penetrate into the silica gel to destroy the basic properties of the material, resulting in a decrease in product performance or even discoloration.