How to Avoid Sticky Silicone Mold Reversing Resin?

- Jul 22, 2020-

Silicone molds are turned over many times and the simulation effect is realistic. It is widely used to turn silicone molds into resin handicraft molds, but sometimes we may encounter that the silicone mold will stick to the resin during the turning, and the silicone sticks to the resin. It is very strong, so how to avoid this sticky situation?

Silicone sticking phenomenon

The reasons for stickiness are nothing more than two reasons. One is the reason for the mold silicone, and the other is the resin itself. Generally speaking, the reason for the resin is far greater than the reason for the mold silicone.

Reasons for mold silicone: When the liquid mold silicone factory is making mold silicone, the proportion of ingredients is properly controlled, resulting in excessive active ingredients in the silicone rubber, which causes the overflow of active ingredients when we turn the finished product after the mold is made, which is what we usually do. Said the oil. Or the mixing is not uniform, and the chemical reaction can not fully occur for curing.


Resin reason: There are many reasons for resin. For example, if the resin is placed for too long, too much styrene volatilization can cause the product to become sticky; the operating environment temperature is too low can also cause stickiness; when we make resin products, curing agent and Improper use of accelerator ratio can also cause product stickiness.