How much pull can a silicone bracelet watch withstand?

- May 13, 2019-

    At present, the wearable silicone bracelets in the market have different styles and effects, different shapes and colors for different consumers, and of course, there are different quality differences between the silicone bracelet suppliers and the deformation of the silicone bracelet. The problem of size has become a distress. Many consumers are puzzled by the fact that the size of the product is deformed. The rubber manufacturer below gives a detailed explanation of the problem of the silicone watch.

  The deformation phenomenon of the product is for the thin silicone bracelet. This phenomenon depends on its own protection. Although the silicone material is a soft product, the deformation phenomenon has a great correlation with the storage and application of the product itself, especially the long-term roundabout. It will not bounce after stretching, and will be placed in a poor environment and other elements. Therefore, it is still necessary to wear reasonable use when wearing.


Silicone bracelet

On the other hand, the most important issue is the quality of the process and materials. Many silicone products manufacturers have different ways and processes to make the product, which leads to changes in the overall brittleness and tensile resilience of the product. The material can be made into a high-quality silicone bracelet. In the process, it is required to cooperate with a reasonable vulcanization time. It is not possible to reduce the temperature and increase the temperature due to the production capacity. This often results in deformation and softening of the product.

The most important reason is that the original data is processed on the original data to deal with the tensile strength of the stretch to directly deal with many aspects of the undesirable phenomenon, and the tensile strength and rebound strength of the original data are two different properties, so the data must be Stretching is good and rebounding is good, and some information is only good stretching but no rebound. Therefore, the yield of the produced product will naturally show that the product will not be deformed and become large, and the rebounded product is not. There must be a good pull, and the effect is not well handled.

So in summary, silicone bracelet custom processing is still to choose from the original data, which kind of data to use to achieve the desired effect, the processing technology needs to be fixed, can not be freely modified processing methods to control the use of products performance.