How Much Does It Cost To Open A Set Of Customized Silicone Products?

- Jan 13, 2021-

When customizing silicone products, it is necessary to make a set of molds first. First open the sample mold for proofing, and after the sample is handed over to the customer for confirmation, after confirming that there is no problem, open a large mold for mass production. However, mold opening also requires a certain cost. Therefore, many companies will ask about mold costs when customizing silicone products. Then, how much does it cost to mold customized silicone products? What is the basis for calculating the mold opening cost of silicone products?

First, to open a set of silicone product molds, you need to provide 3D drawings or send physical products as a model, otherwise you cannot make a mold with a plan view. Provide 3D drawings, in addition to mold opening fees, 3D printing fees will be charged, the normal fees will be charged according to the difficulty of the product.

Silicone product molds are roughly divided into the following two types:

The first is a vulcanization mold, which is a pressing mold. It is often used as a button or a layer of soft cushion under the button. This kind of mold is not expensive, and the price is calculated according to the number of cavity positions. After pressing, it is manually molded. Tear off each product. The mold cost is about 3000~8000 yuan.

The second is the injection mold, which is LSR, which belongs to liquid injection. The mold requires high processing accuracy, and the mold needs to be insulated, and insulation plates must be added between the templates. The gap and accuracy cannot exceed 0.01mm. The injection machine should be modified accordingly. The price of this kind of mold is of course more expensive than that of general injection molds.

How much does it cost to open a silicone mold?

First of all, in terms of the production cost of silicone molds, the production cost of a mold will be affected by the process and materials used to produce the mold. With the continuous development of the silicone mold production industry, the production technology in this industry is getting higher and higher, and the production process is further upgraded, which can help manufacturers save a lot of manpower and material resources, thereby saving costs. The price of such silicone molds will naturally become lower and lower . In addition, the supply and demand of relevant materials on the market also directly affects the mold opening price.

How much does the silicone mold cost?

In fact, the mold opening price of silicone mold is not fixed. It is calculated according to the size of the product required by the customer, the amount of material and the loss, plus the cost of labor and technology; it also depends on the complexity of the mold. Generally speaking, the more complex the mold, the higher the charge. The mold opening time of silicone products is generally 5-10 days; the specific mold opening of silicone products depends on the structure of the silicone product, and the processing time of the silicone product molds of different structures is different.

From the above situation, we can see which factors are related to the mold opening cost of silicone products. Therefore, in order to save costs, when we customize silicone products, we must determine all aspects of the product in advance, and then provide it to experienced manufacturers to accurately mold the product. Generally speaking, manufacturers may refund mold fees for long-term customers who have a large amount of customization, and they can also open molds for free if they cooperate with manufacturers for a long time. Therefore, when we first choose to cooperate with a manufacturer, we must choose a good manufacturer, which is more convenient for long-term cooperation and can also save some costs.