How Much Do You Know About Color Matching And Color Matching Of Silicone Products?

- Sep 21, 2019-


       In the silicone products factory, coloring is a basic job that is inseparable. It is also a very technical job. Many people have encountered a lot of confusion about color matching and color matching. In fact, they are not Similarly, coloring and color matching are two industries. It is easy to understand with trains and cars. Toning means changing the color of the source to the color that the customer wants or the color that is close to the color. The color matching needs to be based on the actual situation of the product. Combine or mix into a good looking product, use different color masterbatch or multiple color masterbatch to match, and match the required color, we usually record for the next time.


      In the silicone product factory, the color is relatively simple, only need to adjust the effect of the customer's needs, but also need to understand the relevant color knowledge, the technical threshold is about Samsung, and the color matching needs to start formulating and adjust the color from scratch. The coloring is based on the original formula to add and subtract color masterbatch and component, so that it is closest to the target color and summarize the recipe.

       The use of color in silicone products is increasing, and the color of matching is increasing. This requires colorists and colorists to match, but in the general factory, the colorist and colorist are all operated by one person. In large factories, there is generally a division of labor and cooperation, so the coloring and color matching of small factories are technical talents with many rich experience, and are also necessary for each factory.

      As the development of the silicone industry accelerates, the original primary colors can no longer meet the needs of customers, and also need to increase the freshness of the market products. Usually, colorists and color combinations need to constantly deal with color masterbatch, and develop different colors and The product type is matched, so that more products can be displayed in front of the user through the silicone material, such as the previous printing to the silicone can not be achieved, the same can be achieved.