How is the light guiding process of the silicone button designed?

- Feb 02, 2019-

The light-emitting and light-guiding silicone buttons are not complicated, but if you are a foreign friend, this may feel a little doubt. Below, I will talk about the doubts. How is the silicone button light guiding process designed?

Relatively light-emitting silicone buttons, there are currently three main ways to achieve, respectively, sprayed laser engraved silicone button, transparent silicone button, luminous silicone button.

Spraying laser engraving is the most complicated way. It also needs to be combined with the LED lamp post on the circuit board to emit light. Spraying the laser engraving requires first spraying the whole silicone button to achieve the shading effect, and then from the surface of the silicone button. The translucent characters required for the laser engraving are performed so that the light of the LED lamp post is concentrated on the characters of the laser engraving.

The transparent silicone button is the simplest one. The reason why it is called transparent silicone button is because it does not add any color masterbatch and then vulcanizes the rubber. It retains the primary color of the silicone button, and has its own transparent properties. The characters on the surface of the button only need to be screen printed, and then matched with the LED lamp post of the circuit board to achieve the effect of illuminating.

The luminous silica gel button is a silica gel material obtained by adding a certain proportion of phosphor powder to the silica raw material, and then through the vulcanized silicone button, it can emit light after being irradiated, and the longer the light receiving time, the astigmatism time. The longer it is, so its light will gradually disappear with the passage of time.

For the above three kinds of light-emitting silicone button design process, if you do not understand, please contact us, our engineers will solve any problems related to silicone button design.