How Does the Odor of Silicone Products Occur?

- Sep 24, 2020-

Silica gel itself is non-toxic and odorless, but how come the made silicone products have peculiar smell? We at Bohao Electronics also do a lot, such as silicone lampshades, silicone gifts, buttons for medical equipment, buttons for instruments and equipment, etc. What about the odor of silicone products? Let's take a look


How does the odor of silicone products occur?

  The main components of silica gel are silicone resin + silicone oil + white carbon black, mixed into a semi-transparent solid raw material, and then add color glue according to the color required by the customer. After the vulcanizing agent is uniformly mixed, it can be put into the mold for high temperature vulcanization It is formed. In this process, because of the addition of various auxiliary materials such as color glue and vulcanizing agent, there are many possibilities for peculiar smell. The peculiar smell is basically the peculiar smell produced by these auxiliary materials, but these peculiar smells are non-toxic and harmless To remove these peculiar smells, you can add vulcanization twice, or put the silica gel products in a well-ventilated place for a period of time, and the peculiar smell will disappear gradually.

High temperature oven to remove the odor of silicone products

  For example, the sealing rings in our household rice cookers and pressure cookers are made of silica gel, so the odor will not cause harm to the human body.