How do silicone children's dental gels pass the safety and environmental monitoring certification?

- Jun 05, 2019-

How do silicone children's dental gels pass the safety and environmental monitoring certification?

Recently, global commodity safety testing has tightened the safety of infant and child products. Among them, children's molar sticks are one of the key tests. According to the statutory quality judgment, the Shenzhen Institute of Quality Inspection in Guangdong Province recently tested and tested infants' teeth gums. A few products have only a few products to meet the actual testing standards. According to the national testing standard method, many children's dental gels are unqualified due to the lack of materials and processing techniques. Among them, silica gel materials are also included in the unqualified materials.

Baby teether is mainly used by children to grind their teeth in the mouth, so the material requirements must be non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It has been replaced by silicone, rubber, thermoplastic elastomer and rubber, due to the global market demand in recent years. Increasingly, the sales of children's gutta-percha products have increased, and the price war between children's gutta-percha will inevitably lead to the problem of cutting corners and cost control, which will lead to the detection of factors that cannot be detected.


Silicone children's gutta-percha is currently the most popular type of silicone product, so its material and all aspects of performance have been recognized by consumers and the official, so the children's teething skills and methods need to be vigilant. Mainly need to be an option from several aspects.

Structure: A high-quality silicone children's tooth gel usually needs to achieve a certain safe use effect in addition to attracting the eyeballs of infants and young children. For example, the international standard silicone baby teether can not exceed 30mm in the mouth, avoiding knowledge, hardness can not be high Above 80 degrees, and the size can not be smaller than the mouth shape of infants and young children, in addition to silicone baby teether also need to make the corresponding structural design in the durability.

Material: The material is the most important thing. The silicone product is mainly a kind of technology around the material, so it is meaningless if it is not selected on the material. Therefore, for the silicone bite, the raw materials must pass different tests. Standards and customer identification standards, in order to achieve material safety effects, compared to rubber and thermoplastic elastomers, silica gel is still relatively good in terms of materials, so in terms of materials, silicone manufacturers still recommend that you choose silica gel to choose silica gel materials.