How Do Silica Gel Products Factory Do Their Own Product Positioning

- Sep 06, 2019-


       In the impression of many people, silica gel factory as long as the product can do, this is a lot of customers also think so, and some big factories or large enterprises will not look at this problem, but you in recent years mainly engaged in silica gel in what field.

     Although there are many silica gel products, he actually subdivided many fields. For example, some people specialize in silica gel kitchenware, some people specialize in industrial silica gel pads, some do silica gel baby products, some do silica gel adult products, some do silica gel electronic products, and do silica gel protective cases.If this silica gel factory does everything, there are several reasons."  

 1, there is no order to do, anyway do is to do, the principle is the same;

2, the promotion involves a wide range of customers to find are relatively chaotic;

3. Made all kinds of orders before and left behind; 

      From the above several angles think of the problem is this, and the general silica gel factory only a few categories, more focused, for example, ting feng silica gel is more focused on the silicone electronic products and silicone protective cases such as product comparison, because all customers are this kind of product demand;

     Baby products and adult products are basically the industry of cooperation with other silica gel factories, so it can be said that a good silica gel factory is not everything, but in a certain field do very well, you take out the products, he can give you the best solution and products, this is the best.

    Finally, I hope the silica gel factory should recognize their own positioning, what kind of purpose I do, focus on this, so as to make the company bigger and stronger, rather than processing type, do everything, after the demographic dividend past, your advantage will no longer exist.