Have YouSseen a Silica Gel Ashtray?

- Sep 11, 2019-


        When it comes to ashtrays, the most familiar ones are ceramics, stickers, and coke jars, but sometimes you want to smoke cigarettes, especially when you are in a meeting, take the ashtrays lightly. Because most of the ashtrays are made of metal or porcelain, they are easy to produce sound when they touch the table, and they can't fall. As a manufacturer of silicone products, this situation is often encountered. But we know that the power of the masses is strong, there are no problems that cannot be solved, and only solutions that cannot be imagined.

        No, in the designer's eyes, all the items can be made of silicone products, such as the silicone ashtray shown above. This silicone ashtray is made of high tear-resistant and environment-friendly materials and can be made into different shapes. The perfect replacement for metal and porcelain ashtrays. Because of the softness of silica gel, there is no sound coming out when it comes into contact with the tabletop. It does not affect other people. This is one of the benefits of silicone ashtrays.

         Compared to metal or porcelain ashtrays, silicone ashtrays can be designed in more shapes and can be used as an ornamental when not in use. The beautiful appearance and practicality make the ashtray silicone sleeve and pure silica gel ashtray more liked by friends.