Experts Revealed That The Silicone Rubber Mixing Process Does Not Produce and Release Toxic Gases.

- Jun 14, 2019-

Experts Revealed That The Silicone Rubber Mixing Process Does Not Produce and Release Toxic Gases


  Silica gel will not produce and release carcinogens such as toxic gases during the process of heat-refining, etc., which has caused widespread public hotspots and even caused certain residents to panic. With professional explanation, there is no need to worry or be afraid. Silicone products are safe and non-toxic products, which can be used with confidence.


  The interpreter comes from the Technical and Economic Committee of the Rubber Industry Association. According to the relevant professional staff, the process of silica gel mixing is the process of uniformly mixing the rubber compound with the compounding agent, which belongs to the physical mixing process. It is necessary to uniformly disperse the silica raw material and the agent, similar to the "peace" of the steamed steamed bread, and does not produce a chemical reaction, nor does it produce carcinogenic substances and toxic gases. Usually in the rubber mixing process, some odors are emitted. These odors are the physical taste of the rubber itself. They are not classified as toxic gases, and are not carcinogenic. Therefore, the silicone products can be safe.

Since the 1980s and 1990s, the European Union and other countries have promulgated a series of environmental protection laws and regulations. The raw materials used in silica gel products have been replaced by green replacements. The potential toxic and harmful raw materials have been abandoned and replaced. Instead, they are non-toxic to the human body. Harmful environmental protection additives and silica gel raw materials, isolated from the source of the toxic and harmful substances in the rubber mixing process.


  The interpreter further stated that although the smell of the rubber compound produced during the silicone rubber mixing process is not toxic to the human body, many people still feel uncomfortable when they smell it. Therefore, in order to minimize the influence of odor, it is recommended to use advanced equipment such as a closed internal mixer in the production process, and collect the gas in a relatively closed space to carry out proper exhaust gas purification treatment.

  In addition, the production of silicone products is a complex process that requires careful attention in real time. Machine factors and human factors are two important aspects of relationship quality. The middle inspection process is a node for discovering and solving major product quality problems. Therefore, to maintain the normal operation of the machine, the quality of the mold is good, and continuously enhance the operational skills and quality awareness of the molding operators and QC personnel, which is an effective measure to reduce production defects, and is also the benefit of the silicone product factory.