Do You Know What The Real Reason For White Shoes Turning Yellow?

- Nov 16, 2019-


           I have been entangled in a problem for many years. I don’t know if you have found that when our shoes are worn for a long time, they gradually start to turn yellow. After the dirty, the number of cleanings is no longer the original white sole, but the pan. Yellow, this problem may also be a stalk in the hearts of many love shoes friends. "It will turn yellow for a long time." So the silicone product factory Xiaobian today is the main reason for everyone to turn yellow on the white side of the shoe. Which!

           In fact, it is the problem of material. For the light color, the white is easy to be transparent and the color of the sole is yellow in the use and environment, which affects the quality and appearance of the whole shoe. However, there are countless enterprises in China. For the "shoe industry anti-yellow milk yellow detection method" should have a lot of professional knowledge, so after all, it is said that a major reason, the material of the raw materials is not up to standard, resulting in subsequent long-term use of yellowing.

          For white, light-colored thermoplastic elastomers such as SBS, PVC, PU, etc., the function and performance of the inner parts are not bad, but the shoes are used in time to decorate the exterior, and the outside is heated for a long time. The effects of force, trace moisture, impurities, etc. will inevitably have different symptoms. The transparent or white translucent material of rubber and plastic materials will lead to performance degradation and yellowing, so rubber and plastic materials are either silicone products or rubber. The product may react differently in an abnormal environment.

         The white sole material has better performance and timely EVA material. Under normal protection and maintenance conditions, the estimated degree of aging is relatively small, but the time will be yellow for a long time, and the problem of yellowing the shoes is not only for you personally. To solve the problem, it depends on whether the requirements of the supplier are up to standard.

         Whether the corresponding antioxidants, stabilizers, etc. are formulated according to the characteristics of the polymer, whether the technical requirements of the raw materials meet the qualified requirements, the strict drying treatment should be carried out before processing into the sole, and finally the processing technology and production conditions are confirmed. Whether the material can be processed by molecular fracture and temperature reduction, this process is especially important for materials with poor thermal stability, processing temperature and decomposition temperature is too low, so ensure that the supplier is normal.