Do You Know Conductive Silica Gel? What is The Difference With Ordinary Silica Gel?

- Sep 04, 2020-

  Conductive silicone products are basically the same as ordinary silicone products in terms of production process. They all require materials preparation, molding, printing, spraying, edge removal and other processes, and the operation methods and craftsmanship are exactly the same as those of silicone button products, but Conductive silica gel has one more process, which is to add conductive materials, and these conductive materials may have some problems when forming or removing edges, because the manufacturing process of conductive silica gel is still more complicated than ordinary silicone products.

  Conductive silica gel is to evenly distribute conductive particles such as silver-coated copper powder and nickel-coated graphite powder in the silica gel. The conductive particles are in contact with each other to achieve good conductivity. It is currently used in military and commercial applications. Its main function is sealing and electromagnetic shielding. Its raw materials have a similar shape and appearance to ordinary silica gel, but they have different functions. The production and processing methods of silica gel manufacturers are the same as ordinary silica gel. Compared with general silica gel, conductive silica gel has the advantages of small volume resistivity, low hardness, high and low temperature resistance, aging resistance, and good processing performance. It is especially suitable for manufacturing conductive silica gel products with good conductivity, complex shapes and fine structures.