Do You Know All About Liquid Silicone?

- Oct 12, 2019-


           Liquid silicone is a kind of non-toxic, heat resistant, high recovery of the flexible thermosetting transparent material of silicone, its sulfur change behavior is mainly manifested as low viscosity, rapid curing, shear thinning and high coefficient of thermal expansion.

          Suitable for injection molding process of two-component high transparent, high strength, high tear resistance liquid silicone rubber.

What are the properties of liquid silicone?


             Liquid silicone has excellent transparency, tear strength, resilience, yellowing resistance, thermal stability, water resistance, good gas permeability, heat aging resistance and weather resistance, while the viscosity is moderate, easy to handle, and the product has high transparency. When the casting material in the mold is found to have defects such as bubbles, the linear shrinkage rate is ≤0.1%, and the size of the duplicated product is precise.

Liquid silicone knowledge:

             Liquid silicone rubber is also known as two-component addition silicone rubber. Liquid silicone rubber is a kind of organic silica gel which is relatively mixed with semi-solid silicone rubber and common room temperature vulcanized one-component silica gel. This kind of adhesive has good fluidity, fast vulcanization, and can be injection molded into injection molding. Liquid silicone rubber is divided into two categories: self-adhesive and non-self-adhesive. Liquid silicone can be cured at room temperature and can be cured at high temperature. High temperature curing can complete the curing process in seconds.