Detailed Description Of The Function Of Conductive Silicone Rubber Products

- Nov 06, 2019-


              Conductive silica gel is a relatively widely used category in electronic products. It is mostly used in electronic products for buttons and electronic contacts, conductive seals, etc. As the electronics industry continues to develop, more and more friends are beginning to have conductive adhesives. Research, its functions and functions may be able to play a certain role in one of their products, so today we will briefly explain the functions and advantages of conductive silicone rubber products.


           The conductive silica gel uniformly distributes conductive particles such as silver-coated copper powder and nickel-coated graphite powder in the silica gel, and the conductive particles are in contact with each other to achieve good electrical conductivity. It is currently used in both military and commercial applications. Its main function is sealing and electromagnetic shielding. Its raw materials have the same shape and appearance as ordinary silica gel, but they have different functions. In the silicone products manufacturers, its production and processing methods are the same as ordinary silica gel.

          The raw materials of conductive silicone products have good electromagnetic sealing and water-sealing function, which can provide good conductive sealing and electromagnetic shielding under certain pressure (the suppression frequency reaches 40GHz). The conductive black-grain silica material has high conductivity and low surface resistivity (29 Ω*cm), and is well applied in both sealing and electromagnetic shielding.

         The main characteristics of the silica gel products produced by its materials can achieve superior electrical conductivity, and the conductive life can be good to achieve a good service life. For example, the conductive particles in the silicone button are one type, and the current common conductive power on the market is (0.5). Between ~2000 Ω*cm), the conductive performance is stable; the tensile strength is high, the shrinkage rate is low, the scratch resistance, the high and low temperature resistance, and the long-term use at -50 to 220 degrees.

          Conductive silica gel is a continuous extruded or compression molded silicone rubber incorporating special conductive particles. It has moderate hardness, high electrical conductivity and water and gas sealing. It is mainly a black paste body, which can improve the electric field distribution of the insulating shielding layer, reduce the damage of the insulation, and ensure the operating life of the cable.

           Conductive silicone products are used in cold-shrinkable cable accessories and heat-shrinkable cable accessories for power pipes, stress-relieving adhesives and cable plugs, keyboards, buttons and other bottom contact conductors, photocopier rolls, wire connections, when the conductive silicone volume resistance is less than 10 When it is below ohm cm, the conductive silica gel has electromagnetic shielding function. That is, the volume resistance is below 10 ohm cm, which is mainly used for electromagnetic shielding. It is also used in electronic and microwave waveguide systems such as chassis, cabinet, square cabin, power transmission and transformation engineering, connector gaskets, etc.


          Conductive silica gel is basically the same as ordinary silica gel buttons and silicone products in the production process. It requires processes such as preparation, molding, printing, spraying, and edge-cutting, and the operation method and craftsmanship are exactly the same as those of silicone button products. However, there is one more process for conductive silicone, which is to add conductive materials, and these conductive materials may appear somewhat in the process of molding or detaching, because the conductive silicone is more complicated than ordinary silicone products in the production process.