Conductive Silicone? It’s Right For Unimpeded

- Jul 11, 2019-


Conductive silicone? Silicone can also conduct electricity, I believe that everyone has such a question in mind, is this silicone effect good? Conductive silica gel is no stranger to us. It is often used for plugs, keyboards, buttons and other bottom contact conductors, wire connecting tubes; and is also widely used in military applications.


Conductive silica gel is a continuous extruded or compression molded silicone rubber incorporating special conductive particles. It has moderate hardness, high electrical conductivity and water vapor sealing. It is mainly a black paste body, which can improve the electric field distribution of the insulating shielding layer, reduce the damage of the insulation, and ensure the operating life of the cable.

The Scorpio conductive silica gel uniformly distributes nickel-coated copper powder, silver powder and other conductive particles in the silica gel, and contacts the conductive particles by pressure to achieve good electrical conductivity. Both military and commercial applications. Its main role is sealing and electromagnetic shielding. The product can be molded or extruded and available in sheet or other die cut shapes. Shielding performance up to 120 dB (10 GHz). Conductive silica gel has good electromagnetic sealing and water vapor sealing ability, and can provide good conductivity under a certain pressure (the suppression frequency reaches 40GHz). Also has the following characteristics:

1. High conductivity and low surface resistivity (2-9Ω*cm)

2, stable electrical conductivity, high tensile strength, low shrinkage

3, high temperature resistance (can be used for -50 to 220 degrees for a long time)

4. It is not easy to be oxidized and degraded in ozone and radiation environment, and has good chemical stability.