Common Problems In The Use Of Silicone Cake Mold

- Oct 09, 2019-


         The development of silicone industry, silicone products are widely used in kitchen utensils, such as silicone, silicone silicone mould for high temperature baking food grade silicon material made of collagen, is a kind of silicone products in silicone kitchenware, can be used to make a cake, bread, Mu Si, pizza, jelly, prepared foods, chocolate, fruit pie, Boudin etc..

Common problems of silica gel cake mold

         However, during the use of silicone cake mold, some problems may be encountered due to unfamiliarity with silicone cake mold.

1., rinse the baking pan, do not use the soap and wash things, and it will cause damage to the silicone cake mold. During the cleaning process, it is very safe to wash or use the dishwasher in soapy warm water.

2. the microwave oven is used directly to directly put the baking tray in the middle of your microwave oven or on the turntable.

3. cooling time, when the baking tray is moved out of the oven, the cooling time is very short.

4. plate deformation problem, because it is a kind of silica gel products, can be quickly turned back to the original shape after bending.

5. refrigeration cooking, silica gel baking mold is a good refrigeration cooking, like fruit jelly, ice cream and frozen dessert.

6. in the oven, the cake on the baking tray from the oven so easily placed and mobile. Make sure that butter is evenly spread on the baking pan. Baking time is slightly shorter than that of the metal baking tray. It is allowed to move away from the oven before the baking is completely cooled before cooking. It takes about two minutes to cool the grill to touch. When you move the cake or muffin from the baking tray, make it reverse and press the chassis.

Common maintenance problems of silica gel cake mold

In summary, high temperature resistant silicone cake mold has long service life, easy to clean, soft and comfortable, environmental non-toxic, but in the process of using QunHui silica gel products factory recommend attention to protection of silicone cake mold, such as cleaning and washing articles and can't put anything sharp and pan together with abrasive soap, these will cause damage to the silicone cake mold.