Common Problems Encountered in The Application of Liquid Mold Silicone:

- Jul 21, 2020-

Why does the mold silica gel have fewer re-molding times?

Too much silicone oil is added in the process of making the mold, and the silicone oil destroys the molecular weight of the silica gel, so the mold will have fewer re-molding times and less durability. If it is said that a small product with a more complicated pattern is used to open the mold with a high-hardness silicone, there will be a small number of re-molding, because the silicone will be brittle and easy to break when it is too hard. On the contrary, if you use low-hardness silicone as a mold for building products, the result will also be unsatisfactory. Because silica gel is too soft, its tensile strength and tear strength will be reduced, and the resulting mold will be deformed, so the number of mold turns will be reduced. The quality of the mold glue itself is very good. There is no good or bad silica gel, only suitable and unsuitable. We have to use silica gel suitable for the hardness of the product to make the mold and this situation will not occur.