Common problems and treatment methods of silicone buttons

- Feb 27, 2019-

Silicone buttons may encounter some common problems during the production process.

1. The phenomenon of burning molds in silicone rubber molds and solutions: Sometimes we occasionally see a few flashing edges of silicone buttons when the trimming of the silicone buttons is performed. This is because unsaturated resin and resin products have been added. After the curing agent of the oxide, a large amount of heat is generated when the resin is reacted. Generally, the curing time of the resin is 3 minutes, so the mold should be released as soon as possible after 3 minutes to prevent the silicone mold from burning.

2, the silicone button appears dry and dry in the table and the solution: in the process of production of silica gel, the water is evaporated to dry, and without the proper amount of water, there will be a phenomenon of dryness in the stem. This is actually not a very serious product quality problem, but it does not control the water. The shelf life of silica gel will only appear for a long time. When using silica gel, we should add a small amount of water in a proper amount. Stirring evenly can solve these small problems. The problem is.

3, silicone rubber buttons appear poor pull, oil, acid and alkali, not resistant to aging and other reasons: in the process of silicone button production, in order to reduce the viscosity of silica gel, some manufacturers add a large amount of silicone oil in silica gel So that the silica gel becomes very soft, the tear strength is reduced, the tensile strength is deteriorated, and it is not resistant to acid and alkali, so it is recommended to do not add or add less silicone oil, and it is necessary to control the amount.