Characteristics And Advantages Of Silicone Toys

- Dec 04, 2019-

Toys: Toys are often used as a form of entertainment and decompression in adults and children. Generally speaking, toys are items used for play. Of course, there are many types of toys! I believe that friends also have a certain understanding. Today I will introduce a silicone toy. Silicone is a silicone toy made from natural rubber. It can withstand high temperatures and cold. Generally, it maintains good elasticity at -60 ~ 250 ℃. High stability with thermal oxidation and ozone!


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What are the characteristics and advantages of silicone toys?

 1. Because silicone is natural rubber (also called silicone), the first advantage of this material is that it is non-toxic and harmless, and does not produce harmful substances to the human body.

 2.Since silicone toys are often vulcanized at high temperature during the production process, they have high temperature resistance, and the high temperature resistance is 220 degrees.

Silicone raw materials have many advantages, such as: low temperature resistance -40 degrees, insulation, green and so on! The above two points are mainly reflected in the manufacture of toys.


Silicone toys are items that accompany us during leisure and entertainment. We must wash them for a long time. Silicone toys can be washed with water and effectively disinfected. They are not used to worry about the toys themselves being damaged. Silicone toys have a variety of beautiful colors, I believe everyone is obvious. Many silicone products on the market are very bright colors and very durable, such as silicone bags and silicone crash pads. Silicone has the characteristics of long life, anti-itch in the air, non-volatile because it has a long life, not to mention 10 and 20 years of life, from the first child to five years after birth, to the second child You can continue to play with these silicone toys, and the colors will be beautiful as ever.


Silicone toys usually use soft materials, and the transparent silicone material of the elves will not cause harm to the child's skin. For example, the same toy is made of two materials, silicone and plastic. There may be a little raw edge on the toy, but this edge of silicone material will not hurt the baby, and the plastic is usually hard, so it may be cut to the baby. A variety of colors are available. Many babies are curious about the world. At this time, babies will like various colors. As the baby grows up, there may be only a few colors. So choosing multiple colors is also a good choice.



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In this day and age, I believe that giving gifts is normal. For example, if it is the birthday of a colleague, we will send a small gift or cake. This is normal. The baby is the same. What kind of silicone toys can we send. What silicone gift can we give when the child turns 5 years old. By the age of 10, we can send some silicone pencil cases or other things, and there are many silicone products for children! Silicone gifts from birth pacifiers to primary school graduation are mainly made of silicone material that is safe, practical and beautiful! Children will be happy and happy when they receive it!