Can Silicone Plastic Wrap and Silicone Plastic Wrap Really Keep Fresh?

- Sep 23, 2020-

Nowadays, silicone kitchen utensils are more and more common, and silicone fresh-keeping products are naturally favored by people. The following AASIN silicone manufacturers will give you a detailed explanation of whether the silicone fresh-keeping cover and the silicone fresh-keeping film can really keep fresh, and what is the difference between the two? 


Let’s take a look at the silicone fresh-keeping cover and silicone fresh-keeping film. What is the principle of fresh-keeping: We all know that the material of silicone is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Inhibit the growth of various bacteria and microorganisms, so that the food will not be destroyed and contaminated, and it can be placed for a longer time. Therefore, the silicone fresh-keeping cover and silicone fresh-keeping film can play a role in keeping fresh, so there is no need to worry about this problem.

Silicone cling film

The difference between the two: silicone cling film has good hand feel and flexibility, and can be stretched to about twice the original product. It has the same fresh-keeping function as plastic cling film, but it is better than ordinary cling film. It can be washed and used repeatedly; silicone fresh-keeping film The lid has good sealing effect and is suitable for containers of various materials, such as ceramic, melamine, glass, casserole, stainless steel, wood, etc.