Can Extruded Silica Gel Be Molded?

- Dec 24, 2020-

Answer: No, the process of extruding silica gel is extrusion process, while the process of molding silica gel is molding. Although both molded silicone rubber and extruded silicone rubber belong to the category of compounded silicone rubber, they differ in production processes and molding methods.

the difference:

1. Molded silica gel is molded by vacuum vulcanizing machine, while extruded silica gel is extruded by extruder;

2. Molded silica gel production and vulcanization is the addition of two-two five vulcanizing agent or odorless vulcanizing agent, while extrusion silica gel vulcanization is adding two-two-four vulcanizing agent or platinum vulcanizing agent. There is a big difference between the two vulcanizing agents and cannot be mixed. 

3. Both molded silica gel and extruded silica gel can reach food grade. When molded silica gel reaches food grade, odorless vulcanizing agent must be added, while extruded silica gel must add platinum vulcanizing agent to food grade.

4. Molded silicone molding time needs 60s-180s, and extruded silicone molding time only takes a few seconds;

5. The products after molded silicone molding are mainly silicone products, while the products after extruded silicone molding are mainly silicone tubes and silicone strips.

6. Molded silica gel is limited by the size of the product mold, and the product size specifications after molding are limited, while the extruded silica gel is produced through the extrusion process, and the product can be produced without restrictions after molding;

7. Regarding the storage time of the rubber material, if the two are vulcanized, it can be effectively stored for three years, and if the vulcanizing agent is added, the molded silicone can be effectively stored for one month, and the extruded silicone can only be stored at most 2-3 Because the vulcanizing agent is easy to volatilize in the air, it is necessary to store the rubber in a dry and cool place!