Can a bottle made of silicone hold boiling water?

- May 07, 2019-

Outdoor sports siliconee folding Bottle, referred to as silicone cup, is made of food-grade silicone and PP plastic. Temperature resistance 40 - 220 degrees. It is easy to carry, easy to carry, with double wall folding cup, down expansion to achieve the cup folding, stretching function.

Food-grade silicone is an inorganic macromolecule colloidal material which is polycondensated by silicic acid. It has good chemical stability and does not react with any acid-base except hydrofluoric acid and caustic alkali. Usually used in baby bottles, pacifiers and other products with high safety requirements.


Many people ask, can a bottle made of silicone hold boiling water?

The answer is YES!siliconee water bottles are made of environmentally friendly siliconee gel. Temperature resistance - 40 - 220 degrees, durable, never deformed. Foldable into the pocket for use!