Basic Knowledge of 5 Degree Liquid Silicone Rubber

- Jul 23, 2019-


In the silicone products we usually use, many of them are made of liquid silicone rubber. Silicone products are familiar to everyone, but few people know what is the raw material for making silicone products. Today, Xiaobian Let us explain the basic knowledge of 5 degree liquid silicone rubber, let's learn together.

(The picture shows 5 degree liquid silicone rubber)

What is a 5 degree liquid silicone rubber?

The liquid silicone rubber LSR is formed by two-component molding, and no appendage is produced after processing, and the shrinkage is small. The two components of LIM A: B = 1:1. The component A contains silicon raw rubber, fillers, catalysts and inhibitors, while the component B contains silicone rubber, fillers, crosslinkers and inhibitors. The liquid silica gel is a platinum catalyst and is added to the component A. The AB component contains an inhibitor to ensure that the liquid silicone rubber hardly reacts at normal temperature.

LSR is an acronym for liquid silicone rubber, while LIM is an injection molded liquid silicone rubber. From English, we can easily find that LSR includes LIM, that is, injection molding is a processing method of liquid silicone. In addition to injection molding, liquid silicone rubber can also be cast and coated, and most of the time LSR uses injection. Molding processing, that is, LSR is LIM.

(The picture shows 5 degree liquid silicone rubber)

LIM is added to the mold by injection molding and chemically reacted into an elastomeric product. The mold temperature is usually in the range of 140oC-230oC, and it can be vulcanized in a few minutes or even seconds. The fast vulcanization speed and convenient release property enable large-scale automatic and continuous production per unit time. It has fast, no waste, and lower hardness options relative to solid silica gel (HCR). The disadvantage is that the price is high and multiple colors of the same product are difficult. LSR is now used in buttons, pacifiers, medical supplies and other products.