Basic Knowledge About Silicone Products

- May 16, 2020-

   1. Defective silicone products can not be recycled. Once the silicone products are molded, they cannot be inverted. If a molded silicone product is a defective product, it will be scrapped. If it is only a slight bad appearance, it can still be repaired. The recycled bad silicone products can be degraded, and raw materials can be produced after degradation.


   2. The silk screen on the silicone products can be removed. After the silk products have just been screen printed, they can be wiped with a small amount of white electric oil with a dust-free cloth before entering the oven. After the silicone keys are baked, it is more difficult to screen print Removal, at this time, you can use abrasive paper to rub or electric grinding wheel to remove the silk screen. When grinding the electric grinding wheel, pay attention to the method and strength. Improper operation will cause wear marks on the surface of the silicone product.

   3. Production process of silicone products, customer samples / drawings → design → customer confirmation → sample opening → proofing → proof confirmation → confirmation of purchase contract → opening of mass production mold → customized production according to contract requirements → QA → assembly and shipment

   4. Production process of silicone products, preparation of materials → mixing → molding → vulcanization → screen printing → spraying → edge trimming → packaging

   5. Surface treatment of silicone products, spraying with oily feel, as the name implies makes the product feel good to the touch. Oil spraying and laser engraving, after the silicone sleeve is trimmed, spray a layer of colored ink on the surface of the silicone product, and then laser pattern. Epoxy glue, drip colored liquid glue on the silicone sleeve that has been trimmed to make a pattern. Color printing, printing any color pattern on the silicone products that have been trimmed, this process can make the silicone sleeve not only beautiful but also more three-dimensional.

   6. Does the silicone product smell? The main reason for the odor is that when the material is hot-pressed by the machine, the raw material emits a odor after normal high temperature, even if it is a silicone raw material. Generally speaking, after three or four days of cooling, the odor will slowly disappear. The raw materials are non-toxic, tasteless and environmentally friendly products, which will not harm the human body.

   7. The reason for the poor size of silicone products. When the molding pressure is too high, it will cause the size of the silicone product to be long. When the pressure is too low, it will cause the size of the silicone product to be small, the thickness is thick, and the molding discharges too much rubber. It will cause bubbles (wind pack) of silicone products, high load of silicone buttons, and large size of silicone products.

   8. The reason for the silk screen characters on the surface of the silicone products to fall off. The surface of the silicone products is too dirty, which hinders the adsorption of the silk screen ink and the silicone. The baking time or temperature after screen printing is insufficient. Screen printing ink itself has quality problems.

   9. The main inspection items of the appearance of silicone products are mainly to check whether the product color is different, whether the burrs are trimmed and clean, whether the product is cracked, whether the silk screen characters are shifted, whether the surface has impurities or smudges.

   10. The advantages of silicone products are environmentally friendly. Silica gel itself is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and no toxic and harmful substances are produced during the process of entering the factory from the raw material to shipping the finished product. Strong toughness and long service life. The touch is delicate, soft, comfortable and smooth. Cheap and versatile.