Application Of Silica Gel Kitchenware

- Aug 21, 2019-


             At present, silicone rubber is widely used in various industries: general industry, civil silicone rubber products;All kinds of silicone tube, catheter, heat-resistant seal, heat-resistant wire, cable sheath, etc.As a new type of kitchen utensils, silica gel kitchenware has the advantages of softness, non-damage, non-stick coating and so on. It breaks the disadvantages of traditional plastic tableware that is not heat-resistant. Silica gel kitchenware can withstand the high temperature of 200℃ and maintain the original form.Recently, the new kitchen appliances have also entered local and international markets.  

           In fact, we often come into contact with silica gel products in our daily life, but we just don't understand, such as silica gel steamer, silica gel insulated cup holder, silica gel mat, silica gel brush, silica gel lid, silica gel cake mold, silica gel insulated gloves and so on. These silica gel kitchenware are the same material as this product. Our country silica gel kitchenware just entered the local market, but has been very popular abroad, and the design and function are widely praised.


         Silica gel kitchenware is colorful and beautiful, and high temperature resistant, safe, not afraid of breaking.The materials are made of world-renowned 3M materials, food-grade silica gel, and all added excihients have been strictly tested and approved by eu REACH,ROHS and us FDA.And the colour with rich tableware lets each bear child be fond of very much, attract attention thereby increase appetite, all be loved by each big mother.