Additive Silicone Poisoning and Solutions

- Jul 20, 2020-

Symptoms of "poisoning"

1. Toxic substances come from the surface of the silica gel after mixing. If it is heated together with epoxy resin containing amine curing agent in an oven for curing, it will cause incomplete surface curing;

2. In the mixing process, if a container containing N, P, S or other materials or a stir bar is used to mix the glue, it will cause the entire silica gel to be uncured or incompletely cured;

3. Direct internal contact, if the circuit board contains uncleaned rosin flux, etc., or the plasticizer used in the insulating plastic contacted by the potting glue contains toxic substances, uncured or incomplete curing will occur at the contact part ;

Anti-poisoning methods:

1. If the mold surface is poisoned by clay, oil sludge, etc., brush the platinum water slowly on the contact surface.

2. If you use potting silicone to encapsulate poisoning, combined with the symptoms of poisoning, such as rosin or solder. This problem can be solved by adding more platinum water to the silica gel to consume the poisoning phenomenon.

Both solutions involve a material: platinum water.

The two solutions to the cause are methods to ensure that the silica gel is mixed and mixed evenly and accurately. Do not rule out matching problems.