About AB Water Reaction Boiling And the Solution For Too Short Time

- Aug 13, 2020-

The bubbling of domestic AB water is not caused by moisture. It is caused by the unstable quality of the raw materials of domestic AB water. The B water in the domestic AB water is extremely unstable and easy to deteriorate, and the common problem with the domestic AB water is that the curing speed is too fast. The heat generation is too high, causing the fluid to fail to solidify in a stable state.

This problem bothered me before, but after researching it, I found a good solution. It is to freeze it in the refrigerator and use it again to make the AB water more stable during the reflection process, without rapid heating, so that the heat generated at the beginning of the chemical reaction can be quickly absorbed by the AB water in the cold part, so that the AB water can be given A relatively stable curing process. The foaming problem can be solved more effectively.

Polishing is just a helpless move to solve the problem. Remedy.

Special Note:

1. After the AB water is sealed, put it in the refrigerator separately, instead of putting it in the freezer after mixing.

2. Put it into the freezer for rapid freezing, not into the fresh-keeping warehouse. You can take it out after freezing for 10 minutes. The AB water will not be unable to solidify due to freezing. The mixed AB water will automatically start to solidify when it returns to the temperature required for the solidification reaction.

3. If you need to continue using the frozen AB water, you can continue to freeze it; if you don't use it for a long time, don't freeze it all the time, otherwise the parents will scold it. Store in a cool place without direct sunlight, sealed and stored. Refreeze before use.

4. After freezing, the curing reaction time of AB water will be extended to about 5-8 minutes, so everyone should control the operation time. Once it is close to the curing time point, do not operate on the mixed AB water. For example, to vacuum, the operation should be completed within 3 minutes after the AB water is mixed, and the AB water is allowed to stand for natural solidification.

5. AB water can be used after being frozen, so the reason of "moisture" is ruled out. As for whether it can be frozen for a long time, it has not been verified. My guess is that the AB water inside should not be frozen for a long time except for the outer wall of the bottle. Will freeze, haha 

6. Although this is a relatively effective solution at present, it is not the perfect method for jue. Maybe the surface of the turned out part will still have some small convex and concave holes, so just use soil to repair it.

     When mixing AB water, remember to pour it in two cups. One cup is filled with A water, the other is filled with B water, one type of water is poured into the other cup, and the AB water is mixed in the flow. It is best not to use stirring to avoid many bubbles. Just pour the mixed AB water into the mold, so that the remaining AB water in the two cups will also be completely solidified, and the cups can be used again later, avoiding the waste of the cups.